Let's Stop Being So Judgy

We all do it—ourselves, others. It's damn exhausting. It stops us from being free, keeps us spiraling and bouncing around like pinballs. We feel there is movement and progress, but we are stuck. Hamsters, caged animals, all of those images of being trapped.

There are a ton of ways to live and be, and when we judge what another does, no matter what it appears to be, we take away a little piece if our own well being. We keep ourselves small and treat ourselves like there is only one little box to choose from. We are expansive. We are the universe—as individuals and as a collective. When we condemn no matter how small or big, a barrier is formed. You never hurt the person you shun, only you. You block the goodness that you are worthy of, that everyone is worthy of. You are worthy of goodness. The Kardashians are worthy of goodness. Your enemy is worthy of goodness. Your boss is worthy of goodness. Your mother is worthy of goodness.

Abundance is for all.

We are all redeemable, no matter what our egos tell us.

Drop the judgment.

When you find yourself judging someone for any reason, send yourself love and radiate it to the person you are judging. Forgive yourself. Forgive all. Let it go and keep expanding with love, eagerness, and joy. We can coexist by unlearning comparison and judgment.

Be the love you want and seek.

Big hugs and love,