There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

If you've ever watched the movie Magnolia (one of the best films ever, by the way), you are no doubt familiar with the opening scene that occurs prior to the "real" story of intertwining lives. The opening short storylines depicted are dark, but the scene shows too many seemingly odd or random or weird or coincidental events to just be brushed off as a fluke or as something to be ignored. These events happen all the time -- synchronicity, connectedness and knowingness. Essentially confirmation that our lives are interrelated and that we are shown this over and over. Sometimes, we aren't paying attention, but when we do, oh it's perfection and downright amusing and beautiful.

When I returned from our vacation a few days ago, I was sitting in the living room under the blanket watching the kittens play. I was entertained when one of them began climbing up the bookshelf, because it seemed like a futile endeavor as most activities that kittens partake in, but they are always just awesome in their being in the now, so I take back the futile attempt. It was actually a beautiful discovery of play. My little cutie knocked over Carl Sagan's Contact. I jokingly said out loud, "Am I supposed to read that?" Didn't think much about it afterwards. Then about ten to fifteen minutes later, I began scrolling through Facebook, and I came across a post that said that Carl Sagan would've been 80 today. Welp, you know what book I'm reading, right?

Pay attention to these confirmations of our universe conspiring to bring us to what we most want. They are not coincidences. Magic is occurring at every turn. Synchronicity or whatever big meaning word you want to call it exists, and it is perfect.

Much love to you!