There Is Love

Fridays Are Fabulous: There Is Love

I believe strongly in the changing the world one person at a time mentality. It just makes the most sense to me. If you aren't right with what you do, if you can't get on board with making the best version of yourself, then how is it that you expect everything around you to change? Then, I realize, this is my belief and it may not be that of others.

As a people, as a society, it is our duty and spiritual (human for those who are not spiritual) obligation, and I don't mean obligation in any negative connotation, but an obligation we should celebrate—to spread kindness and love to everyone around us. It doesn't mean we sacrifice our own well being for others, but we love and love and love. We allow ourselves to be seen and we let go of ego. This is where the world gets into trouble—our perceived weaknesses that when not addressed fall prey to our fears and unhealthy ego. When we are indignant about our beliefs and our need to be right, to prove to others that we have power, that's when we are headed towards the unhealthy. If somehow everyone in this world were willing to remember that we are all connected and that it is our job to love and uplift and inspire and to laugh, perhaps the person who feels isolated wouldn't feel so alone or the enraged person in uniform would know that his power is in helping through love, not fear and hate. If only we could digest and feel it fully. There is love. 

There are times when I feel like I shouldn't be expressing joy when there's so much suffering. The way our media portrays anything can make you feel guilty for living well when all you see is pain in every corner. It is not my intention to minimize pain—I am feeling it. We are all feeling it. I know to only experience pain is not an accurate depiction of life. It is limited in scope and while it does reveal truth, it does not reveal all truth. Love is a bigger truth than hate. If all of us were exposed to more happiness and love between all people no matter what the labels, just maybe our collective consciousness would heal. Just maybe we would remember to keep giving love instead of hate and ignorance.

Choose to be loving and happy and to give it to everyone.

So much love for all of you!

Happy Friday!