Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of Your Comfort Zone: Fridays Are Fabulous

Delaware River in Frenchtown, NJ

Delaware River in Frenchtown, NJ

Happy Friday, beauties!

This week I suggested to my friend Chris that we go tubing on the Delaware River. It's a short enough distance from my house and one of our favorite areas. I wasn't thinking about how difficult it would be. I was imagining how pretty and relaxing it would be to float downstream. And it was. It was scenic—lush mountains dotted the shore on both sides, other tubers and the swoosh of the current. Pretty, but...

I must thank Chris for going. Had it been just me and the kids, we would have been stuck on rocks and trees, and perhaps, we would have ended up in the ocean.

The kids and I got off to a rough start. With three tubes tethered and my limited range of motion because of arthritis, well, it was not easy to get us paddling out to the area where the current was strongest. Plus, I was using only my arms and no paddle (I will know better for next time!). We started with no real results. The kids were freaked out, and I was trying to keep calm, but I was pretty irritated as well. I saw the ground, so I jumped off the tube thinking I would be able to push us a bit and jump back on. Nope. I just sank into some smelly mud. Had to go back to shore to start over. I gave us a bigger push. Better than the first time, but still not enough. We were moving, but we were too close to the shore to be moving enough. We sidled up with some bug-infested trees along the way. The kids screamed and panicked. I kept thinking that going tubing was a horrible idea. I was cursing myself for being so nonchalant about it. Chris was far downstream, but he saw us struggling and thankfully found his way to us. Once he stayed more or less by our side, the trip became all that we hoped it to be. Serene, relaxing, a 4 hour timeout from electronics. It turned out to be something that the four of us were really happy we experienced. 

Each of us (maybe not Olivia), faced some fears while tubing. I faced a big fear of not being able to do something physical because of arthritis and I took my kids with me, which made it harder physically. I stepped out of my comfort zone. Granted, I know I should've prepared a bit more, but it still worked out. It was a reminder that our fears are much bigger than reality, and that we need to continuously embrace the unknown and take a risk. It is where the good stuff is.

Happy Friday! Step outside of your comfort zone this weekend!

Much love,