The Truth of Who I Am

Today — right now in this moment I love everything about me and still I ask myself who am I?

Who am I under all the noise and half baked beliefs and ideas I’ve taken on without question over decades, seconds and everything in between... who am I under the social conditioning of what it means to be a woman who is almost 50, a woman who grew up with parents who did their best to push the boundaries of what it means to be alive and human but gave up to the day to day grind or gave up to drugs and alcohol... who am I under the armor of this body with the labels of petite, middle aged, arthritic, mixed race, beautiful, awkward, weird, not quite white, not quite black, rebel, punk rocker, alternative, New Yorker, Jersey Cityian, Southern Californian, San Diegan, southern, mother, wife, ex wife, girlfriend, teacher, writer, fashionista, music fanatic, marketer, slut, easy, stuck up, bitch, home wrecker, pet parent, invisible, too visible, dancer, skater, leader, facilitator, helper, rule breaker, rule follower, people pleaser, introvert, sometimes extroverted, bored, excited, partner, scared, brave, curious, judgmental, belittled, small, larger than life, spiritual, human... who am I?

Then I know...

I am the light and I am filled with love. I am love. I am love as you are. I am tired of the labels. I am tired of tying off corners and fitting it all in some imaginary box or bubble. I just am. I am whatever I want to be in any moment. I am fucking love personified. That is me. There are other facets that come and go but under all the labels I choose to stick on myself or the ones other choose to make themselves feel comfortable with me — those are not the whole of me. I just simply am. And love is the truth of who I am...

Just as love is the truth of who you are. I dare you to find a glimpse of that truth today and then linger there as long as you can. Stay in the truth of you as love. Stay there. Rejoice there. Celebrate and sing your glorious praises. Get excited for YOU. Let go of all the resistance and noise that is trying to tell you otherwise. Stay in that moment of love. Stay in your love and let love be who you are. Let love turn into bliss and appreciation for YOU. If you only knew how powerful you really are, even if for 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours — you’d know the truth. When you feel that much love, THAT IS TRUE. No one can take it away from you whether you have met the love of your life or not... actually, YOU ARE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. Anyone else who gets to be with you, gets to witness that truth and vice versa.

You are love just as I am. I’d like to carry that one true label with me everywhere I go. And I’d like you to join the revolution and simplicity of that truth.

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