Writing and Meditation Save My A** Everyday

How writing and meditation saves my ass every single day...

Before I started owning that I am a journal writer as part of my process to connecting to my highest self...

Before I found meditation and before I realized there were all kinds of meditations that didn’t require the lotus position and a series of mudras...

I did not have a consistent and regular practice of connecting to my most authentic self. At best, connecting to myself was fleeting and not at all conscious and life felt like an up and down, out of control existence and very rarely filled with any peace that was long lasting. I’ve always been a naturally happy and upbeat person for the most part (I have my dark days too), but I could not shake the feeling that there was more to how I lived my life daily.

Once I found my way (years later — a story for another time!) to meditating and journal writing daily, I found the way in that I’d been searching for in people, things, and distractions of all sorts. I found the way to hear the quiet voice, the true me that was always there underneath it all — the voice that I ignored for wayyyyyyyyyy too long. The voice that can guide me out of my troubles, the voice that finds solution and loves and guides me through the darkest of times to help me return to my loving and centered and badass self.

Writing and meditation are powerful tools that can help you fully reconnect. They’ve helped me. They’ve helped lots of students I’ve worked with and that’s why my biz bestie and I created the Writing and Meditation Monthly Membership — to help you reconnect to yourself and to use these tools as your consistent practice for that reconnection.

If you feel called to join us, click here to check it out. We’d love to work with you and help you get closer to the best versions of you and to love and accept ALL of you.

You are loved, beautiful.


Lots of hugs and love,


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