Risk is expansion

Risk is one of those negative words that people associate with fear. Fear of losing out on something that was or is comfortable and known, fear of giving up something in exchange for something that may or may not work out. Risk feels like a big ball of scary shit. The word risk has gotten a bad rap for sure, so let's retrain your brain to know that risk is a form of growth and expansion. It's not just fear. Fear is a normal part of your life. Everyone gets scared. Everyone (doesn't that bring some comfort?). No one can escape the feeling of fear. But how you transform that feeling that begins to creep in and how you can reframe lots of occurrences in your life to the positive is where those who recognize and use that feeling for the greater good, 

Think about what it is like to go on a job interview or to ask someone out on a date -- there's that mixture of "oh f*** what the hell am I doing?" with "OMG! I'm so excited that I'm doing this." It isn't purely fear and it isn't purely excitement. It's you expanding into unchartered territory -- you stepping out of the familiar to create a new pathway of awesomeness for yourself. And, that's where that word risk comes in -- but risk isn't it. You're taking a possibility leap. You're changing the trajectory of your life by stepping up and doing something unknown and that's where you can tap into the excitement. Your ego wants you to be scared. Your spiritual self and oneness is squealing with delight in your excitement. That part of you wants to live it up and have a good time! 

So, risk be gone! Live it up and celebrate and know that risk IS the action step of expansion. You are here to be awesome and to show up as yourself totally and fully!

Gigantic Hugs and Love,


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