Five Simple Ways to Start Writing Right Now

Five Simple Ways to Start Writing Right Now

I am aware that most of the time the getting started in any task is what presents the biggest challenge. I've created a super-simple list to get started writing, right now. It's easy. I promise. 

Just write. This is the simplest and most difficult directive. We allow our brains to think of all of the reasons why there is no time or why it has to be perfect right out of the gate. It doesn't have to be stressful. Think of this as a warm up. You don’t run a marathon on a first try with no practice. You need a warm-up and training. I like to start by writing about something I'm thinking about, like how good my coffee is or about what I need to do. It generally leads to something else. Sometimes it is amazing. Sometimes it isn’t. The key is to do. Start with whatever pops into your brain first.

Read for five to ten minutes. Read something. An article. A few pages of a book. Song lyrics. Poetry. Pretty much anything. Then write about the ideas that came to you while reading. How did you connect? That's what you start writing.

Listen to music (or the opposite). Be in a place that allows for optimum concentration on writing. I need either the very quiet of the morning or Bose headphones and my iPod on shuffle. Get yourself in your best creative space.

Jot down ideas. When an idea floats in your consciousness, do your best to stop for a moment and write it down. I always use the notes feature on my phone and my phone is never far away. I also have a notebook but my organizational skills are subpar, so technology works for me. These are ideas you can return to later in order to write more.   

Make it a routine. You brush your teeth at least twice a day, right? You take a shower or bath regularly, right? Do the same with writing. Don't wait for a magical moment. YOU make the magical moment. Make it a routine. It's the best way to practice anything at all.

Now, start writing!