How Do You Know?

“There are no guarantees” and other sayings are designed to placate the ego. We know that when we embark on a new journey and make a shift towards opening and a connected life, we may never know what it'll look like exactly. Does that mean you don't try? Absolutely not.

Risk. Courage. These are two words I say often.

Love. Light. These are two more words I repeat every hour to myself and others.

The four words mixed together, said in any order amount to the same goal—a life of purpose, a life connected to the best version of you, a life connected to whatever your version of a higher being is. Every wonderful conscious choice begins with love and light—an energy that propels you towards your dreams and purpose. Too often, we make big decisions based on what we believe is a good choice because of what we have been taught and what is best based on the rules and ideas we've carried. I'm not saying this is necessarily the worst thing a person can do, but what I am saying is that when a decision is made without love, passion, and that little guiding voice, well, it may backfire or you may be on another course that isn't the one you really want. You must find a way to listen to your intuitive self with love and care to guide you to what it is you are to do. That is how you know you are on a path that is true for YOU, not your family or society—YOU. If you are sure of where you're going, then good for you! Keep nurturing your passion and vision and help others see it's all possible by example. For those of you who are less than sure, take 5 to 10 minutes everyday to explore in writing the possibilities of everything. Allow yourself to dream up anything without censor. Keep practicing this until you begin to feel what your truest self is. You may know right away. You may not, but you are designed to live the life you truly want, not the life you think you should have.

Even during moments of doubt, and moments when fear kick in, I just give myself love and continue. I know exactly what I am creating. I do not know all of the steps involved, nor do I know exactly what it'll look like along the way, but I trust my guiding voice and the universe to show me what I need to do.

Wishing you all a very beautiful weekend filled with love and relaxation!

Happy Friday! xoxo