Gratitude and Self-Love

Happy Friday!

I feel immense gratitude today. The kind that you feel in every fiber of your being. The kind that is swimming all around your head and consciousness and in the air. I am beyond thankful for all that I am and all that I have. It's freaking glorious to feel this amazing!

I wonder how I got to be like this. It's nothing short of miraculous to be in this place, but then I remember how I did get here. I worked hard at it and worked in the sense that I allowed the space for growth. I continue to allow for more expansion and awareness. There are moments when it feels effortless, like right now. I'm sitting under my blanket listening to meditation audios and writing and thinking, "This is f****** awesome!" I am here living the way I see fit, by my own rules. Incredible.

There have been other moments where exactly the opposite has happened, not at all effortless. There has been a crazy amount of fear and doubt where I have cried for a day or more, berated myself for thinking I could pull this off, tried to convince myself to go back to the job, lamented that this is too hard. You know all the things you do to talk yourself out of something—but that is the difference now. No matter how difficult a time I have had and will have, I continue to talk myself into it. I am actually doing less convincing these days to keep going, because I know my worth and love myself fully.  This is my passion and connection to the larger world. I feel it completely now that every adventure and career choice in the past has led me to this moment right now. I have a solid foundation of experience that allows for growth personally and in my career / passion. I write. I meditate. I love myself. I love the world. I am grateful. That is my recipe. It's as simple as that and as difficult as that all at once. The self-love and gratitude are hands down the most powerful tools to creating a better life. The others are there for balance. It is easy to love the world when you love yourself and are grateful. It is easy to write (or express yourself creatively in any endeavor) when you love yourself and are grateful. It is easy to meditate when you love yourself and are grateful. Begin within.

Sending you all tons of love as always!

Have an amazing and beautiful weekend! xoxo