Tell Your Story: Writing for Release

Tell Your Story: Writing for Release

When I was a student in memoir, I transformed—enthralled with the processes of digging in your own life to create a piece of art. I could tell not every person in the room loved this. There were a handful who found this confessional writing tired and mostly girly—maybe they were just afraid to write about something that touched them so close to their hearts. I don't know. But, this class really changed the way I viewed writing. There was instant connection to others and parts of myself that I didn't know needed to be connected. I found the whole process of taking the pain of loss of health, of a baby, of emotional stability, of self-esteem, of love and going as deep as I allowed myself in order to write cathartic. Transformative. I knew after writing in memoir that I would never be the same. And I haven't been. I have taught the process of writing memoir to so many high school students and I have seen the results in so many. This confessional writing changes a person. There is release if done as honestly and openly as possible.

Since I was a creative writing major, I have had the practice of writing in an academic setting with peer and instructor feedback beneficial to improving writing. I received fantastic comments on how to improve and what I did well that allowed the confidence to continue writing with less fear. I am honored that I was able to learn and have this experience. But, what we didn't learn directly in writing in college is how to use this writing as a therapeutic tool. We briefly talked about it being so, but never in depth. My wonderful professor always told us to make sure we were taking care of ourselves while we wrote about difficult subjects, because it could get rough. That was the extent of the advice on how to cope. In class during workshops, we were only allowed to comment on the writing and how to make it work, not the subject matter. I understood her logic—if it became all about the subject matter then no feedback on the actual writing would ever be done. After all, it was a memoir writing seminar, not a therapeutic writing seminar.

This is one of the biggest motivating factors in why I created Write for Healing. I know the power of bringing the therapeutic and the writing into one whole. There is a sense of profound release in writing those incredible stories that have made up the beautiful being that is you. There is a way to feel powerful in writing it the way you remember, not the way others want you to remember, but the way YOU want. It is a way of acknowledging and honoring YOUR truth. It is the best form and most authentic form of release that I have ever encountered. Write for Healing is committed to bringing this release to as many people as possible. There is a way to focus on both the writing and the subject matter. The subject matter, your story, is a guide to honoring who you are and to allowing it to guide you to your most authentic and amazing self. Your story is something to honor no matter how difficult and it should be talked about. Let it be heard. When we share our collective stories, it paves the way for those who have not forgotten their voice, for those who are feeling shame because they believe they are alone and that no one can understand. Telling your story and allowing yourself to be heard inspires those around you. It changes you. You are lighter even if the process is messy.

I can help you do it. By the end of this week (possibly as soon as tomorrow), the "Tell Your Story" class will be released. I say class, but it is so much more than that. There is tons of material you will be able to use over and over again to keep writing all of your stories. There is a private Facebook community that you will be a part of by signing up for the class. Connect to other like-minded writers who want to improve their writing and their lives. And of course, an actual teleclass / webinar on October 14 with a live Q&A and guidance directly from me. I promise that you will gain so much from taking this class. I want to help you tell your story and heal. I want us all to heal, so we can lead more fulfilling lives.

I am so in love with helping you lead more authentic lives through writing.

Much love always,