Do It Your Way

Do It Your Way


There is no sure way to success. Yes, there are certain steps that have worked for others and we are wise to study those who have gone before us, but to think following the exact same steps as someone before you will yield the same results is setting yourself up for possible disappointment. We all know that no matter how planned out we are and how determined we are, there are obstacles (I do not consider obstacles problems. When you strip anything down, there are not problems, just roadblocks for us to learn from and honor as part of growth in order to keep going.). Different people experience different obstacles depending on many factors such as adaptability, mindset, circumstances, location, disposition—this list could possibly fill pages—there is no 100% sure way to success, so do it your way.

Think about some of our most admired people in society who have paved the way to greatness. What is one of the biggest things they all have in common, besides perseverance? They followed what they knew to be true. These trailblazers followed their own visions, not the visions of what the world said they should follow (pay attention to the word should—it generally means you have taken on someone else's idea instead of your own.). They did it their own way and there is something magical about these people because of it. Through all obstacles, they continued on paths that allowed their dreams to come true. Some have been knocked down repeatedly by others. Think about Steve Jobs being fired from the company he helped create. It didn't stop him. Think about how many times those big name actors have probably been rejected over and over. Didn't stop them. They found their way to continue. If we listened to all of the naysayers, we probably wouldn’t leave the house! Do it your way.

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Yes, we all have parts of our lives that are not as easy as others. But this is a source of inspiration, not fear and despair. We relish in the fact that all of us have emotion and difficult moments, but we continue on the paths we know to be true. We continue to replace repetitive negative thoughts with the positive. We have the privilege to choose and honor our true selves no matter what is flying around in the outside world created by others. Once you know this fully, your life shifts. Do it YOUR way. Ignore the fear-based critics.

When I decided to take the plunge to work my way and leave my stable job to pursue my dream of bringing the healing power of writing to a larger audience, I was met with tons of negative feedback from people who had mostly encouraged me before—I suppose that encouragement was only available if I fit into their ideas of how I should live. There were looks of pity and looks of disdain as well. But there have been those who support and I appreciate it fully. All of the pushback and questioning from others is like a bug on a windshield at this point. I just clean it off and continue. In a perfect world, we would all be supportive and loving towards everyone, but it is not, so I no longer feed the energy it takes to please others who have a negative opinion of me. I have better things to do, like seeing my vision through, my way. Their judgment is theirs, not mine. I'm ignoring my critics and embracing the love I feel within and all around me. It feels pretty awesome! I do not know a 100% guaranteed method to optimal success—I am learning. I do know it begins with saying yes to my vision and to it with love, which is completely doing it my way! Yes!

Much love to you! Take on Monday by DOING IT YOUR WAY!