Change Your Thinking

Happy Friday!

How can we retrain our brains? I began to touch on this in yesterday's post about shame and guilt. Many of us are on automatic pilot with our thought processes. We just assume that this is the way it is without much thought to how it can be changed. We become accustomed to accepting things as they are. I have witnessed this among family members, students, friends, colleagues, institutions, society. I absolutely disagree that we just accept things as they are. This does not mean something changes in an instant (sometimes it does), but a shift in a thought process and a shift in consciousness is the beginning of a major change. If you don't genuinely believe it is possible, then it isn't. It's as simple as that and as difficult as that all at once.

Yesterday, I read an article on IFLScience about a woman in China who visited a doctor because she had been experiencing dizziness and nausea. After tests, they discovered that this woman was born without a cerebellum (!!!), and what was surprising to the doctors is that she functioned much better than one would assume she would be since she was missing a cerebellum. The doctors noted that she functioned as if her cerebellum was only partially damaged. My point is—we are walking miracles. We are capable of more than what we have been told or taught. Just because we are labeled something by society or another human or by science or by religion or by education or by a career or by gender or by race, it DOES NOT mean that that's all we are. Those are limited in scope. We are so much more, capable of absolute amazingness. Think of Kris Carr who completely beat cancer. Think of the Wright Brothers who brought us the vision of flight. Think of how you're reading this post right now. I didn't print it and send it to you. You're reading this at your convenience, and it was delivered easily and fast. WE. YOU. You can create whatever you want. YOU. One of my all time favorite quotes is from the song "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel: "All of the buildings / all of the cars / were once just a dream in somebody's head." Yes. They didn't just magically appear one day. Those were ideas carried in the brains of everyday people like you and me, everyday people who believe those ideas long enough to make them true. Pretty damn amazing, I think.

Today, I ask you to start with this: start with replacing those negative thoughts with the positive thoughts. Replace the negative with the dreams, the visions, the out there ideas that all of the world has said, "impossible", the impossible that you have internalized, the impossible that has kept you small and out of alignment of who you really, truly are. Be bold. Be daring. Embrace your dreams and big ideas. Our world needs you to be fully who you are, the light and love you have always been under the exterior of fear and confinement. Take a leap of faith. Be you.


(I am not a doctor, nor a researcher. These opinions are based on my own observations, experiences, and readings. I believe them to be true, but please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.)

Article about woman without cerebellum: