Choose all of Your Choices

Happy Friday!

Enjoy this fabulous day of hope and relaxation!

This is that last Friday of the year that represents the end of summer. I already have on a sweater and am wrapped in a blanket at my computer. But, it's still beautiful and sunny out there!

They're all yours!

They're all yours!

I can't help but think as we all have and do how fast summer has gone, and how I had big plans to do so much more, especially outside, than what I actually did. I'm not upset and I don't have regret, but I know I wanted to go to the beach more, go hiking more, eat alfresco more, but for reasons I don't even remember now, I didn't. I'm sure I made some excuses about money or just wanting to read or write (which is ALWAYS true!), but we always have a choice or several and sometimes we limit ourselves so much with these choices. I know I wrote about choice on Monday, but it is still so vital to remember that it is your choice to do exactly as you wish and with choice, you are not as limited as you ever think. We are a society of either or. We have not been conditioned to wrap our heads around the possibility of a choice of having more than one choice or ten choices and actually experiencing all that we choose. We cut off ideas, trips, people, jobs, housing, all because we believe that we must have only one of the choices we wish. Another bullcrap limitation. Whatever you want and desire, YOU make it happen!

In Monday's post, I wrote about making the choice of only going to one concert last weekend instead of three. I was perfectly satisfied with the decision made, but in the middle of the week, I serendipitously learned that X was playing in Philadelphia and it wasn't sold out, like it was in NYC and it was $30 cheaper! It is finally, after a year of living in the sticks, sinking in that I live halfway between both cities and that I can travel to either one of them. So last night, I drove with my son Logan to see X at The Trocadero. We danced our butts off and I had the added bonus of seeing friends I hadn't seen since the mid to late nineties! Plus, it is much easier to drive to Philadelphia and find parking! I love when happenings just fall into place.

X at The Trocadero in Philly

X at The Trocadero in Philly

What is it you want? What are some of your choices? Explore them all and be open to all of the possibilities. Life is here for us to love and live completely and happily!

Happy Friday, y'all!

Much love,