Monday Motivator Part 2

Happy Monday!



Happy! Joy! More happy!

Happy! Joy! More happy!

The big question for today is who says Monday has to be anything but joy? Our culture tells us that Monday is the day of drudgery, the day of returning to a week where we are forced to pretend to be something we are not. Not so. Stop believing the lies! YOU create what you feel, not them, not the world. YOU. Just be willing to step outside of what you already know and shake it off.

1. Start Sunday night: I don't know about you, but on Sunday nights I'm high on life. Sundays have a special energy of total relaxation and really being in the moment at any moment. I try less to take care of anything. I allow myself to just go with the flow and be. If I want to read, I read. If I want to go outside, I go outside. If I want to eat, I eat. There is no schedule. There is no overthinking. There just is. This allows me to feel super awesome and in the zone of total bliss on Sunday nights. Bring that joy and bliss to bed by expressing gratitude before you sleep. Let this carry over when you wake up Monday morning. Carry this awesome feeling throughout your entire day!

2. Treat yourself: today is the day to buy the coffee you most enjoy or that scone that you normally don't buy. Or go out to lunch and eat your favorite salad (or tacos -- I love tacos!). Get out of the workplace. Remind yourself that work is not your whole world.

3. Don't just go home after work: I have kids, so I know some of you are shaking your heads. Don't go home right away if you have a sitter. Go on a walk. Go have another coffee. Have a drink. Catch up with a friend with the coffee or drink or walk. If you must go home, pick up the kids and go to a movie or take them to the park or go have ice cream. Do something that you think is fun and relaxing!

You create the life you want. There are things we have to take care of, I know. But, there is no reason we cannot experience and create joy whenever and wherever we go. It's at our fingertips. Go inside your beautiful head and heart and focus on the joy and bliss. Don't let society tell you that you are supposed to be miserable. Totally untrue!

Happiest Monday!

Practice being happy. Write about it.

Practice being happy. Write about it.