Just Get to the Writing

Just Get to the Writing 

What are you waiting for? Just get to the writing. I know you may have reasons why you haven't written in awhile, but if you can learn to drop those excuses and honor where you're at right now, I promise that it is super easy to begin writing today.

·      Never worry about the outcome. Writing is a process. If you sit and worry about whether or not the writing is perfect or worry about knowing the exact details of characters and plot and setting or worry whether you'll offend someone, you won't ever start. Don't worry about all of that. Those answers will come to you once you are already in process. If you are writing without feeling forced or pressured, you will feel free to write exactly how you please at any given moment.

·      When beginning, your first paragraph or more probably isn't the best part of your writing; therefore, do not even worry about how you begin. Just begin. If you're planning on running a marathon, you don't just register and compete on the same day. You need some training. Think of your first page or so and your first draft as warm up and training. It doesn't mean that you aren't going to try your best. You are, but it doesn't mean you need to reach perfection (which doesn't exist) right away. Just honor where you are and begin. 

·      Write everyday. There is no correct amount of time for what you will write during a day. We all have different processes that work with our schedules and habits. However, it is important to write at least 5-10 minutes everyday, more if you are working on a long-term goal such as a book. It's just important to make it a habit just like exercising. It's just easier to go deeper and to expand if it is already a daily practice and habit.

So, just honor where you are and write. Don't compare yourself to your former writing self or to any other writer. Just write, because you must and is a part of you.

Much love to you!