When You Follow Your Passion

When You Follow Your Passion 

Happy Monday to you! I'm really happy today! Mondays are a source of renewal and vitality for me. Everything seems possible once again, but I also know it's because I have consciously chosen to follow my passion.

Mondays, in the not so far away past, were not like this at all. They were borderline torturous and filled with dread. I woke up on Mondays, as so many do, to return to a workweek in which I no longer felt connected. I was beyond burned out and the reality I was living no longer suited the reality I wanted. I was tired of playing out a cycle of banging my head on a wall and being disappointed that nothing was changing (I hope you're laughing, because that's what it's like when you don't clean up your thoughts and take action accordingly, right?). So I began with the decision to leave my job that I was at for 11 years, that teaching job that those who are afraid have told me I should've stayed. It was hard to decide this, because I made it hard. I created a land of limbo that is far more torturous than breaking out one way or another. I wanted to leave sooner, but I had a big list of "shoulds"—I should finish the year, because I will have steady income. I should stay, because it’s the right thing to do. I should stay, because everyone is telling me to. "Shoulds" are often a bad word indicating a move away from authenticity and "shoulds" should (yes, I know what I just did!) be ignored. Hindsight my friends—I see how easily I could've left exactly when I wanted, but I didn't allow it to be possible. Now, I see it fully. I'm right where I'm supposed to be and it's deliberate. No, I don't know exactly how anything will unfold. No one knows that, but I do know I'm right where I've chosen to be and I continue to choose this.

Now, I've intuitively and consciously chosen to follow my path of writing and helping others to write and heal. It's a joy to wake up and deliver to all of you this mission that serves all of you. This is why Mondays are beyond beautiful! May you all find your calling and set forth on the journey (if I can do it, so can you!)!

Much love,