Feel Really Good All of the Time

Feel Really Good All of the Time 

For those of you who don't know or doubt that it is possible to feel good all of the time, this is for you (it’s a good reminder for everyone.). Okay, I know there are times you don't feel good all of the time, but that's when you just start over and start where you're at and let the momentum build from there. It is so freaking possible to feel good 98% of the time (don't statistics make things seem more official? I made that statistic up, but it worked, right?). I'm feeling that way, and it started this morning. Wait, no. It started last night before I went to bed. I listened to music, watched a music video or two, and then I listened to inspirational and uplifting audios right before falling asleep. It also helped that I retired to my bedroom about an hour before bed in order to drown out the energy of my family (sometimes, this is an absolute necessity. Don't burnout and lose yourself for the sake of family. It just makes everything feel worse.). That's when it started. My day was less than desirable yesterday, and I knew to change the momentum of less than desirable before going to bed in order to get a positive start today. Boy, am I glad I did. 

I feel on top of the world today. I'm so happy! I've done nothing particularly different, except move all of my work to the bedroom instead of the living room. It's way brighter here and much more comfortable. But the biggest difference has been consciously choosing to feel good. I've been focusing on things that make me really, really happy, like the beach and California, like lying down in bed, like dancing, like celebrating Halloween tomorrow, like writing, like coming up with new creative ideas for many projects, for just allowing myself to feel joy. I also choose to ignore the less than positive noise depicted in the news and in the statuses of people who want to complain. This is a BIG key for me. I know that if I begin to focus on all of that, I spiral out of my positive field pretty quickly, so I hide or ignore what I do not want to be in my thoughts and keep thinking about the people and things I love, and that makes me really happy. Try it! You might really like it, and you may just feel pretty damn amazing all day long!

Sending you tons of love as always!